Chelsey Ulrich


Born in Minnesota and raised in the Western suburbs, Chelsey Ulrich was groomed for real estate from a very early age. Having attended her first showing when she was less than a week old, she grew up watching her mother sell homes and not only knows the area well but also knows what it takes to be successful in this business. She now practices real estate with the same level of dedication, communication, and ethics she learned from her mother.

Her studies in school reflected a wide array of interests including interior design, marketing, journalism, photography and even television production. This rare combination of skills and experiences somehow lead her back to real estate and she secured her real estate license shortly after graduating from college.

Chelsey now works as an independent agent specializing in first-time home buyers and uses her digital marketing skills to both find and sell her clients’ homes. Her hobbies include photography, boating and experiencing new things with friends and family.

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