Chris Bentley

Susie and I met Beth in June 2020 to look at Wayzata condos and townhomes. We had not worked with Beth before and enjoyed meeting her and spending the better part of a day with her touring properties. She was never pushy. She was always extremely knowledgeable about the property, its history, and the surrounding community. We pushed our search out of Wayzata, from one end of Lake Minnetonka to the other. Beth always seemed to be available and never complained about our short-fused requests. Basically, we drug her everywhere. But she always made us feel special and valued. We revisited three homes repeatedly and came close to offers on two of them. We really tested her when we finally put in an offer on a lovely townhome in Wayzata, negotiated everything we wanted, and then got cold feet and withdrew our offer. We were sick with what we put Beth through, but she assured us that it was all part of the business. She was nothing short of wonderful about it. After that, we decided to put our search on hold, pretty much giving up on finding the right home and not wanting to torment Beth any longer. A few days later, however, Beth encouraged us to look at “just one more home.” Reluctantly, we did, fell in love with it, and put in an offer a few days later. We absolutely love our home. Beth knew us better than we knew ourselves! We are so grateful for her knowledge and most of all, her patience. Thank you!